Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dress Code and Hashtag

 The theme for the wedding is Enchanted Forest, as it has been a constant theme in our relationship.
So what does this mean?
Semi formal wedding appropriate attire with an enchanted forest inspiration. It can be as simple as wearing something green, to florals, botanicals, glitter, a fern on your lapel or leaf brooch, a mossy velvet cloak to whatever you wish. It can be as subtle or creative as you want.
Please also remember:
Appropriate footwear for traipsing thru forest, gardens, steep hilly bumpy ground, stairs etc at the ceremony site, see entry below.
Think: All things botanical, Midsummers Nights Dream, old forest Folklore, vintage fantasy, Art Deco era fairytale illustrations, Lord of the Rings etc
Lauren will provide a basket of handmade botanical brooches for guests to wear if they choose at the ceremony and a fantasy inspired botanicals dress up table with floral headbands and leafy clips to wear for photos if you want at the reception.

Why Enchanted Forest?
From our first trip away to camp in the magical Tasmanian forest 2 weeks after we began dating to when he (Ben) surprised me (Lauren) by proposing in a rainforest 5 years later by a billabong surrounded by glow worms. We have shared a mutual love of nature, adventure, fantasy and whimsy since we first met.

The offical wedding hashtag: #BenandLaurensEnchantedWedding  please use this on photos you post on all social media so we can find them.

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