Friday, September 19, 2014

Wishing Well & Gift Registry

Hey Everybody! :) <3

 -There will be a 'Wishing Well' in the Tipi for anyone wishing to contribute funds to one of our current biggest life goals in getting together a home loan deposit :)

-We have already been saving and planning to buy land with a small humble dwelling to live in whilst we build an Eco Friendly 'Earthship' home -

-They are designed to be completely off the grid, 100% solar powered, made from lots of recycled and natural materials and utilize indoor kitchen greenhouses, complex water recycling systems, clever insulation temperature control techniques and many other features . Then once the Earthship is complete convert the original dwelling into a sustainable bed and breakfast or rental property <3 your gift could make that dream happen faster.

Copy and paste this into your browser to see a video of how they're built:


-We also have a Gift Registry as requested for those who prefer to give a physical gift, just head across to:

You will find a list of things we need for the house. Just click take gift on the item you wish to buy, so that no one else buys the same item and there will be a link on each item that tells you where to buy it :)

-We tried to choose stores that had both Australian located online shopping options (faster cheaper shipping) and also easy to visit physical stores too for those who prefer to shop in the flesh without travelling far.


We thank you kindly and really appreciate your generous gifts :) xox

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